And… we’re LIVE!!!

Blood of Eden went live on June 17th to great reviews with the support of some amazing people, all of whom I want to thank a million times over.  c439b949e8e7bb8afbef69fdbd262868814e7fab

So now what?

Well, now comes the part that most creative types don’t super love.  Publicity.  Getting your name out there and hoping that people will be willing to pick your novel out of thousands of equally good looking novel covers.  If they pick it up, if they click on the link, then you have the opportunity to wow them with your back blurb.  So it had better be a good one right?

Here’s mine…

When Katherine LaFlamme is summoned home by her father, the Alpha of the North American wolf pack, she drops everything and answers the call. Despite her desire to experience the human world before she settles down, Katherine is fiercely loyal and, as her parent’s first born and the pack’s best tracker, she’s an essential part of the family. 

There’s trouble at home; a hunter has invaded their territory and murdered several of their kind and a rogue wolf has been stalking the female members of the LaFlamme family. To make matters worse, a secondary claim to the Alphaship of North America has risen, setting the entire pack on edge.

Then Katherine meets a mysterious wolf named Quinn and things begin to get interesting… and very deadly. Katherine and Quinn are swept up in a puzzle of ancient rites, prophecies, and mythic lore which reveals that there’s more to both Quinn and Katherine than first meets the eye. 

Like it?  I really hope you do.  Because here’s where it gets serious.  Here’s where I ask you if you’re ready to say YES to the book and clink on the links below to buy a copy.


Amazon Canada

Amazon US

Can’t wait to see you on the other side.

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