Loves me some reviews…

Hi everyone!  I’ve been getting some amazing reviews on Blood of Eden and I just thought I’d post them.  Cause,  you know, they make me feel pretty good.



Wendy Livingstone from Wendy’s Book Blog – 5 star review

Firstly let me say that I am not a fan of paranormal romances, but this author has managed to change my mind. I was blown away by this book!! This story is written in such a way that I was completely enthralled from the very beginning. The author has such a way with words that the reader is lulled into feeling that they are actually in the story.

This is an awesomely written book, and I am totally in awe of the author for writing such a fantastic story as a debut book. I will definitely be recommending and reading more from this author.


Nicole from Emerald Book Review – 4 star review

In Blood of Eden, JJ King manages to take everything you think you know about the paranormal genre and not only turn it on its head but also give you an exhilarating experience in doing so. This is not a fluffy piece of romance, it is complex, superior and intriguing in the most epic way imaginable. Katherine is our incredibly fascinating heroine, the kind that every woman should emulate- she’s strong-willed, fierce, sexual, ambitious and a helluva brilliant lawyer. And she’s part wolf. It is when the enigmatic and mysterious Quinn Deschains shows up in Katherine’s life rather unexpectedly that the tension, fun, danger and sex really kicks into action.

‘She, unlike most of her family, felt that her wolf was a part of her to be cherished and respected, but that it didn’t need to be a part of her everyday life. She was a wolf, yes, but she was also Katherine LaFlamme, and Katherine had a life to live; a human life.’

Not only is Blood of Eden full of complicated, other world creatures, the rules they’re governed by and the lust and animal magnetism that often governs them but it also has one fast-paced, dramatic story line with some very adult scenes mixed in. This is a very well written story, the descriptions, the language, the dialogue and how the characters interact with one another is like having a movie play out, scene for scene, in your head, JJ is very talented at capturing her audience and giving them what they never knew they needed. It was often times unpredictable and that made it all the more thrilling. The only small problem I had with the entire book was Katherine’s little love triangle. I’m not a huge fan of them and there is a particular scene in Blood of Eden that just didn’t paint our heroine in a great light for me as well as made Quinn look slightly weak but the ending more than made up for any of that.

If you’re looking for a very adult paranormal read, with mature themes and great writing then this is the book for you.


Mellena from The Book Quarry – 5 star review

After reading this book I was near speechless. This book was in a word phenomenal! It had spectacular world building, complex characters and descriptive writing I would expect from a seasoned writer. I could hardly believe the book I just read was a debut novel! I absolutely loved it. The author took her time building her characters and yet she didn’t lose me as a reader. It was interesting throughout the book. I was deeply intrigued from the synopsis and was completely enthralled by her writing. I was hooked from the first chapter.

The way the characters interacted with each other made me feel as if I was part of the group. I was right there for the entire story. Nothing was rushed but the entire book was just so compelling I didn’t want to put it down. The romance was not an easy one and it certainly didn’t follow a straight path. The way is set for the next book and I am so looking forward to it. This book has captured me and I am excited to share it with everyone who would love a paranormal romance.


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