Anthology excitement!

You may not know this about me, yet, but Halloween is my absolute favorite night of the year! I mean, I love Christmas too, it’s so magical… but there’s just something about Halloween that makes me so happy.

So, when the amazing Candace Osmond (author website here) texted me that we should get our Newfoundland author friends together and publish a Halloween anthology, I squealed with absolute joy!

The two of us were game completely but it was left to be seen if the rest of our group Romancing the Rock would come on board. Some were too busy with upcoming releases and deadlines but most were as stoked as we were.

So… now that I’ve bored you on the details… get excited for Romancing the Rock’s first anthology of Halloween short stories, written by exclusively Newfoundland authors!!!


Hot-Sale-Black-Sexy-Woman-Lace-Mask-Cutout-Eye-Mask-for-Masquerade-Party-Halloween-Fancy-Dress.jpgHere’s a little hint at mine…

Eyes have seen – JJ King

Despite being the first born child to the North American wolf pack Alpha, Katherine has always been allowed to run a bit wild. It’s a new century now, though, so she’s decided it’s time to make the transformation from child to woman and her parent’s Halloween masked ball is just the event to make that happen. Unfortunately, a hunter has decided that this event is just what he’s been waiting for too.

Katherine’s night might have begun full of mystery and sexy interludes, but it may just end in death.

Aghhh!!!  I can’t wait!  Hope you’re as excited as I am!

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