Romancing the Rock brings the heat!!!

So, you probably know from my previous post that I’m a part of an amazing group of Newfoundland Authors and we call ourselves Romancing the Rock. Among our numbers are USA TODAY bestsellers, New York Times bestsellers and other award winning Authors.

We decided that it was unkind to humanity to hold back our collective talent (joking!!!), so we’re putting together an anthology of amazing Halloween themed short stories including my contribution… EYES HAVE SEEN!!!

While the cover of the anthology TRICKS & TREATS hasn’t been unveiled yet… here’s a little tease reveal of my short story.  ENJOY!!

In honor of our first anthology, I’m going to draw a name from anyone who subscribes to my mailing list between now and Sunday at 8 pm *Newfoundland time* and the WINNER will get a FREE e copy of BLOOD OF EDEN!!!   

Or, you can just one-click AMAZON.CA and purchase your very own copy of Blood of Eden!

eyes have seen

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