Ladies and gentlemen… I give you, DAPHNE!!!  (In my head I’m hearing the song from Miss Congeniality when Sandra Bullock and the other beauty Queens walk out dressed like the liberty statue)


Well!???  What do you think!!!???  I freaking love her!!!

My cover designs are all done by the amazing Corey Majeau at if you ever want to check him out.

Those of you who regularly check out this website know that chapter 1 of My Brother’s Keeper has been posted under sneak peeks for quite some time. If you didn’t know that, definitely take the time and click on the link. You’ll discover just who this lovely lady is.

So, MBK is available for pre-order.. but what does that mean and should you pre-order? How does it help authors?

YES! Pre-ordering does something really cool for authors. On release day, all those pre-orders get cashed in and suddenly your brand new on the market book is shot through the rankings to a place on Amazon or Apple Books where people can see it and purchase it. It also means that people like me can go from the title “Paranormal romance Author” to “Bestselling Paranormal romance Author.” Pretty cool huh.

Here’s the thing. My book goes live November 20th and from now until then I’m going to be collecting the names of everyone who pre-orders, as long as they send me a screen shot of their pre-order. There’s going to be prizes up for grabs!!!

So, spread the word, place your pre-order and let me know!!!


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