Author besties and why you need some!

Yesterday, I introduced you to one of my Author besties, a Newfoundland Author that I’ve known for years, J. Margot Critch (Juanita), and today I’m going to introduce you to another.

I met Candace Osmond on Facebook through an amazing group of all Newfoundland Authors called Romancing the Rock. I was added by Juanita and, without ever having met any of the other members in real life, was completely excited to have a group of like-minded people to chat with.

Then someone commented that to Candace that she wasn’t the only member on the west coast of the island anymore. West coast?!? I’m from the west coast! Who was this woman?

So we made plans to meet at Tims, a satisfyingly Canadian institution, to chat and see if we had anything in common besides writing. Yeah…we were like the same person, in different bodies, with a few exceptions!15319514_10154599430716163_1743151027_n

Since that day, the three of us, Candace, Juanita, and I, have become a trio of awesomeness, with the single goal of bolstering one another and lending support in whatever way we can. This way often includes wine. Through this friendship, I’ve found two women who have seen me through some pretty down moments and celebrated with me in the up moments. We’ve shared every breakthrough and newly gleaned piece of publishing or marketing information with one another and because of it, we’ve all become stronger at our craft.

You already know that Juanita, or J. Margot Crtich, writes super sexy Harlequin Blaze novels, but she’s also published a few others. She has an amazing Newfoundland based contemporary romance series called Brewed Moon with book I, Bump & Grind. Already out and the second, Double Shot to the Heart, coming very soon. They’re steamy, suspenseful, cop romances and you’ll love them!


Now Candace, she’s our dark romance girl. Her first book, became book one of The Iron World Series, is a paranormal romance. Growing up surrounded by Irish culture on the island of Fogo, Newfoundland, Candace got an early education in Celtic folklore, including everything faerie. That education gave her a rich background of knowledge to pick and choose from for her trilogy, and it shows. The first book in the series, Iron and Wine, is permafree on Amazon, so there’s literally nothing hold you back from getting it on your eReader now! As for her other books, The Donor, an Orphan Black type romance about cloning, and Killer Me, a psychological thriller with a hint of romance, you should definitely go get them right now! I love them all, but I have a special spot in my heart for Killer Me. It’s like Dexter, but staring a kick ass female lead!

unnamed (1).jpg

Being an Author is often quiet, lonely work, but knowing these two chicks are just a click away, makes my job a hell of a lot more entertaining!

Candace Osmond ~

J. Margot Critch ~

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