Happy New Year!! (17 days after the fact)

Yup, I’m a bit behind when it comes to New Years posts, but better late than never, right? Then again, I’m 17 days late and it’s 2017…. maybe I tried it.

So, what’s new this year?

Well, I’m going to  be finishing up my paranormal series with book III, SINS OF THE FATHER this year. I can’t wait for that! It’ll be later in the year, though, so calm down.

In the meantime, however, rest assured that I am thinking of you. I’m writing some short stories, four to be exact, about Katherine’s life before she meets Quinn. Each short story takes place during a different decade and gives a little glimpse into what makes Katherine the strong woman she is.

The first short story was published in a Halloween anthology so I don’t have the rights back to it, yet, but it’s called EYES HAVE SEEN and it’s, obviously, a Halloween themed story. It just happens to take place during the 1920’s.

The next story, the first one to be separately published, is called NUMBER THE STARS, and it’s a new century story featuring Katherine and a very sexy Irishpexels-photo-220122.jpg wolf that helps her out of a bad situation. That book is FREE!!!

They’ll all be free once they’re published, but NUMBER THE STARS is free right now for NOOK & KOBO. It’ll be available for free on Amazon very soon. (I’ll let you know)

So, Happy New Year from me to you!!!




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