Marches in like a lion…

… marches out like a lamb.

Here in Newfoundland, that little adage is an oldie but a goodie, and it’s usually right. And if my newest acceptance by Evernight Publishing is the lion, busting it’s way in, I wonder what the lamb will look like.

Yes, another acceptance letter!! Yayyyyy!

It’s called EPIC LOVE and it’s the first of a five part series called MASTERCLASS. It takes place in the oldest settlement in North America, St. John’s, Newfoundland, and centers around a Masters English program. The kicker? HOT PROFS!!!

Who doesn’t love sitting in class, watching an extremely hot professor talk passionately about something they love? God know I do! Which is why I decided to write this sexy little series. They’re all short stories, around 12,000 words each, and they’ll be published through Evernight’s Romance on the go line. Romance for busy people! I love it!

I don’t know what my cover will look like, yet, but I like to pict023a48030f034ae30577cc14b5b4cd15ure this guy right here when I do…

Can I get an AMEN!? Here’s the blurb…

Zoey Matthews’ life is finally back on track after years of pretending to be the perfect suburban wife. She’s doing what she wants now, and has returned to her alma mater to complete a Masters in English literature. Despite trying, she doesn’t quite fit in with her classmates, which is why she’s so excited when her friend Rachel, a professor in the department, introduces her to some of her co-workers.

Dr. Sebastian Lane makes Zoey’s knees go weak the moment she sees him. After years of being lonely, she’s finally found someone who makes her body come to life, so when the sparks fly, she follows where they lead.

Will they lead her on a mysterious adventure or straight into his arms?

COMING SOON!!! In the meantime, check out my other title, Finding the right words, at Evernight Publishing!






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