It’s release day!!! Epic Love is live!

We’re having a party! 

I love hosting Facebook parties for releases because it gives me a chance to interact with my readers one-on-one, which is beyond cool! Plus, it gives me the chance to bring together my Evernight books with my indie-published books, Blood of Eden, My Brother’s Keeper, and soon to be released, Sins of the Father!!

Since Evernight was so awesome as to drop the price of Finding the right words to just .99¢ for the release of Epic Love ~ Masterclass Book I, I’m going to go a step further and play a little game with a pretty cool prize! The rules are simple. If you purchase a copy of Finding the right words for .99¢ and post the receipt under this picture at tonight’s party, you’ll be entered to win THE GUARDIANS entire series!

Buy this for .99¢

Cool huh!? Well, here’s the link to the party if you haven’t already put it in your calendar to attend.


See you tonight!!! JJ King xoxoxo


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