Theoretical Love is LIVE!!!!

You're invited to an

It’s go day!!! Well, technically, Amazon and the Evernight Publishing site had Theoretical Love up last night… but that’s not the point.

Today is party day!!! Are you coming? CLICK HERE!!

So, to continue my release day tradition, i’ll answer another question sent in by a reader. Up next… What else are you working on right now? What’s up next from you?

Next up. That’s a fun question because I’m one of those people who has seven things on the go at any one time. I’m currently trying to ignore everything but my paranormal trilogy, though. Book 3, Sins of the Father, is proving to be intricate and challenging. It’s the third in a trilogy that has romance, thriller, and suspense all woven together, so there are a lot of threads to pick up. I’m immersed in the world of my main character, Katherine LaFlamme, and everything else is on the back burner until I can finish her world.


After that, though, I have so much ready to go. I’ll be writing books 3 and 4 of the Masterclass series, Classic Love and Graphic Love. I’m also going to writing books 2 and 3 of my Evernight series, Northern Wild. Once those are finished, I have a Canadian bad boys series I’m loving, a Medusa story that won’t leave me alone, and a seven part contemporary sexy series set in Maine.

Lots and lots, that’s my answer.

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